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Review: Lifetime’s Latest: A “Perfect High”⋅-as-it-happens-update-⋅-july-12-2016/ binärer handel tipps Brianne Alphonso 6/29/2015 This weekend, Lifetime premiered another one of those “based on a true story movies:” Perfect High, a tale of high school drug abuse. The fact that its leading actress—previous Disney starlet, Bella Thorne—was starting to dabble in some darker content created a good amount of initial buzz for the film, and the […]

FanFiction: Stories Beyond Words

live forex rates Alexis Colon 6/29/2015 Credits roll. Curtain’s down. Show’s over. It’s time to leave and you loved every minute of that movie. In fact, you need more. That movie wasn’t enough. So what is there to do? Watch the director’s cut? Ok. But you want something different. There has to be something out there for you. […]

X Files: The Time I Gave Up

broker forex e opzioni binarie Do you ever get just so frustrated because life didn’t turn out how you wanted it? Like, just get so upset because you had this vision about the way something should be and that vision doesn’t become a reality? That just about sums up my daily routine. I draw a ton and this past week […]

The 2015 BET Awards in Review

binären optionen forum Ramez Moussa 6/29/2015 From dancing on cop cars, impersonations and reunions, this year’s BET Awards featured many unforgettable moments. It started with a hilarious opening number by the hosts and Black-ish co-stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. The night was filled with entertaining and iconic moments including Rihanna duct taping celebrities and Nicki Minaj forgetting which […]

Put a Ring On It: Gay Marriage Found Constitutional

binary option trading arbitrage Ryan Alphonso 6/26/2015 Gay couples nationwide celebrated and cried when the Supreme Court made a milestone 5-4 ruling in support of gay marriage. According to the decision, all states must now recognize same-sex marriages with all the same merits as heterosexual marriages. As Washington erupted with both cheers and jeers, President Obama gave a salute to […]

Voluntourism: Get Paid to Get Away

cosÃÂÂÂ sono i trading di operazioni binarie Laura Schwarz 6/26/2015 Members of the Beaches Resorts Teen Advisory Panel (TAP) gathered last week at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa for their first official meeting and comprehensive site inspection of facilities and exclusive Beaches Resorts brand offerings.  TAP members were also the first to participate in Island Impact, a new program […]

Just Say, “No”

pilota opzioni binarie “Samantha, are you ready yet? I want to get some pictures of you before you go!” her mother called from the living room. “Coming!” she replied. She took a deep breath and checked herself out one last time in the mirror, correcting any little details that seemed out of place. She couldn’t help but feel […]

The End

binäre optionen - meine geschichte (This the end) A breeze rolls by, and Eddie feels it as it caresses his face. (Beautiful friend) Eddie realizes that he’s lying on his back, the springy turf below him making a fine bed. (This is the end) Opening his eyes, he sees blue sky pierced by tall green trees. (My only friend, the […]

Summer Woes

spiegazione si opzini binarie We’ll spend another summer miles apart, And once again the loss of you will leave me numb and restless and missing your touch. There is no peace for me when I am states away from where you are. I’ll think of you most when I am winding down to sleep— Of your gentle, quiet laugh, […]

Before the Awards, Get the Experience

Ramez Moussa 6/24/2015 The streets of Los Angeles will be star-studded this weekend as BET hosts the BET Experience, a weekend filled with concerts, events and the 2015 BET Awards. This jam-packed entertainment fest will feature a celebrity basketball game, comedy shows, seminars, performances from multiple artists and more. According to the site, this is BET’s […]

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