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Treat Your Feet: 5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own

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Pete Han

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tecniche opzioni binarie a 60 secondi Let’s start off by answering a few questions…

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Do people actually notice your shoes? optionen handeln lernen -Yes

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By choosing the right shoe, can you take your outfit from “average” to “excellent?”

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By choosing the wrong shoe- whether they’re dirty, dated, worn, etc.- can’t you turn a style opportunity into a style liability?



So, gentlemen, let’s talk about shoes. Specifically, five picks that every man must have. Let’s get into it…


The shoe that all shoe collections should be built around… the simple BLACK DRESS SHOE.

It’s simple. It’s classic. You can wear it with suits, jeans, slacks, chinos; it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the finish. Is it super shiny? Is it super formal? The super shiny dress shoe is more comfortable with a suit or more formal outfits (tuxedo). Look for a leather that’s more of a matte/flat finish so the shoe can transition with the super dressy to casual outfits.

Now let’s talk about the style itself. Me, personally, I’m going with the double monk strap (see image below). Reason? It looks great with a lot of the more casual options, as well as, formal wear. The lace-ups look better with the more dressed up/suit wear, but I want this one black dress shoe to be versatile.

FullSizeRender (5)


The super sexy, second cousin of the black dress shoe. You need brown, because you don’t want to wear black every single day. There is nothing that adds richness and dimension to an outfit like a great brown shoe. In my book, these include wingtips, monk straps, and oxfords.

FullSizeRender (7)

Note: Gentlemen, please take this style tip to heart…

I see too many guys doing this.. When you are shopping and you see a great black shoe and also a brown one in the same style, DO NOT get the same shoe in a different color. I know, as guys we see a shoe we like and automatically think, “That’s great! It comes in brown, too. I’ll just get that also. There. Black and brown. Just like Pete said.” NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Gentlemen, you have to step out of that box, in terms of style. You find a black shoe that you like, look for a brown shoe in a different style to diversify. If black is a loafer, get brown in lace-up or vice-versa. Switch it up. Keep it fresh. Don’t be the guy that buys the same shoe in two different colors.

Damn long note.

Damn necessary note.

3. A cool pair of BOOTS

Chukkas, desert boots, fryes. Guys, boots are sexy. Period. And for the shorter gentlemen, look at that heel! Boots are a great casual option, especially when you get into the colder months. They look great with jeans, cords, fitted cargo pants. I’m telling you, if you don’t have a pair you gotta treat yourselves and get a pair, because they rock.

FullSizeRender (6)

But because man cannot live on black dress shoes, brown dress shoes, and boots alone, you need another option.


The leather lace-up and/or leather driving moccasin are great options in this category. You need a shoe that you can wear casually. Going out during the week, put on a pair on. If you want to dress up shorts, these are great choices.

FullSizeRender (8)

Lastly, we come to the most casual shoe…


The fashion sneaker. This isn’t the shoe you go running in. This isn’t the shoe that you wear to the gym. This is the shoe that you wear when you want to kick it around town super casual but still want to look super fresh and super fly. There are a lot of retro-inspired sneakers on the market. Not too expensive, they’re a way to look super cool but like you’re wearing sneakers… because 90s hand-me-downs… don’t look super cool.. Don’t wear those. Ever.

FullSizeRender (9)

Gentlemen, that’s it. Those are my five. You might have a different five, and it really depends on you, your lifestyle, your personal preference. You may hate driving mocs. You might like boat shoes. Whatever. Same sort of thing.

The deal is, with these five shoes, you’ve always got the right shoe for whatever outfit or situation you find yourself in. Check them out. See what works for you.


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