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B Alphonso

FUNimation’s Coming of Age Tale: The Boy and the Beast

binäre optionen onvista Brianne Alphonso 2/29/2016 Great anime films do not receive nearly enough attention. Of course some of the big names are at least recognized by the general audience, but for the most part if it is not Ghibli, not many know it. Anime needs more time to shine! Though originally from Studio Chizu, thanks to Funimation, […]

Witness a Legend: Beowulf Premiers on Esquire Network

binär optionen kurse Brianne Alphonso 1/22/2016 Coming up this Saturday at 10 PM, the Esquire Network is premiering its new, 13 episode series with a title most people would be familiar with, Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.  Roughly based off of the Old English epic poem by an unnamed Anglo-Saxon poet, this show will be following the downtrodden […]

Review: Like Air, The Art and Tribulation of Dance

Investing with binary options one touch Brianne Alphonso 11/30/2015 From Amalgamation Pictures, a new documentary has been released following three high school dancers working their way to Nationals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Like Air resonates with both the tension and the excitement of competitive dance from both a professional and personal perspective.  Each girl—Kayla (17), Alyssa (15), and Montserrat (15)—takes […]

Once Upon a Zombie Book One: The Color of Fear

options trading experts Brianne Alphonso 10/29/2015 October has once again rolled around bringing with it spooks, scares, Halloween treats, and of course, zombie stories! Billy Phillips and Jenny Nissenson have just come out with the first of their new series Once Upon a Zombie, Book One: The Color of Fear, and it shows promise as a fantastic read […]

Review: Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson

where to buy Seroquel online Brianne Alphonso The next movie in The Adventures of Mickey Matson is ready for release! In “Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson,” Derek Brandon returns as Mickey with Francesca DeRosa by his side as the protagonist’s best friend, Sully, to combat the newest threat. This second in the action-adventure series officially released back in […]

Two Faces

How to write email to request work from home Once, so long ago that I can now scarce remember, there was order in the land, and we were together. One in front of another, we would each line up with our kings before us and our numbers behind. We were at peace then in our enclosed land, packed so close that our boarders touched […]

Review: The Time-Jumping Tesla Effect

binäre optionen funktion   Brianne Alphonso 8/3/2015 Julie Drew has pulled off another win in the third and final installment of her Tesla Effect trilogy, “Breathe.” National Book Lovers Day is fast approaching, so for those out there who believe reading is synonymous with homework and Sparknotes, I would like to nominate this book as evidence that reading […]

Review: “Smoke and Mirrors,” a Magical Mid-Summer Page-Turner

opzione wind call your country fisso   Brianne Alphonso 7/16/2015 Attention all fans of magic and fantasy: newly released “Smoke and Mirrors”  by Helene Opocensky is right up your alley! Not a particularly long book, this is an easy read that can keep you curious enough to keep flipping pages till the end. Though it has some rough spots here and there and […]

Review: Lifetime’s Latest: A “Perfect High”

Tastylia Order 20 MGTastylia Strips 20mg Tadalafil Ghevarsha International Legal Supplier Brianne Alphonso 6/29/2015 This weekend, Lifetime premiered another one of those “based on a true story movies:” Perfect High, a tale of high school drug abuse. The fact that its leading actress—previous Disney starlet, Bella Thorne—was starting to dabble in some darker content created a good amount of initial buzz for the film, and the […]

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