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HELP! I’M SINGLE IN HIGH SCHOOL operare seriamente in opzioni binarie Adriana Ruiz 3/9/2016 Based on the title you may assume that I’m totally gross and have a third arm, or you might assume that I’m about to rant about how lonely I am and how all I really, really want is a boyfriend of my own. I hate to disappoint, but you’d be wrong on […]

Are You Stuck in the “Friend Zone?”

köpa Viagra på nätet flashback Celebrity High 3/9/2016 So you have a crush on your good friend, but how do you know if you have a chance at love or if you’ve been forever placed in the infamous “friend zone?” You have a great friendship going; you’re hanging out and talking almost everyday, but suddenly you start to wonder if maybe […]

He Said She Said: Dating Pet Peeves

sätta in pengar på forex till nordea Celebrity High 3/9/2016 Guys and girls speak out on dating, love and the opposite sex   Ever curious to get that guy’s perspective on that text you and your girl friends have been scrutinizing for two days? Ever wonder if she’s talking about you with her girl friends in the bathroom when they left you alone […]

Dating Myths from Your Favorite Chick Flicks

sildenafil billiger Celebrity High 3/9/2016 I’ve got issues: five bad pieces of relationship advice you might have gotten from your favorite chick flick Everyone loves movies, but they’re often wrong. I mean, not everyone meets Mr. Right walking her dog. If you are having a bad day, usually an amazing life-changing event will not occur and make […]

Dystopia and Questioned Morals- Psycho-Pass: The Movie

var köpa Viagra flashback   Teddy Purdy 3/7/2016 If you’re a fan of the Psycho-Pass series, you’re going to love the film. True to the series, not everything is as it appears in this story. With a blend of mystery, action, deductive reasoning, and of course the occasional fan service, Psycho-Pass: The Movie feels a lot like if a […]

It’s Open Season Again

bästa Viagra på nätet Elijah De Jesus 3/8/2016 In March, Sony Animations hosted a private screening for their newest continuation, Open Season: Scared Silly. A handful of children, parents, and VIP guests attended the event and the cheerful environment was quick to bring smiles to every face in the crowd. The studio provided breakfast table in their courtyard, which was charmingly decorated […]

FUNimation’s Coming of Age Tale: The Boy and the Beast

iq trading binario Brianne Alphonso 2/29/2016 Great anime films do not receive nearly enough attention. Of course some of the big names are at least recognized by the general audience, but for the most part if it is not Ghibli, not many know it. Anime needs more time to shine! Though originally from Studio Chizu, thanks to Funimation, […]

Witness a Legend: Beowulf Premiers on Esquire Network binary options trading strategies pdf Brianne Alphonso 1/22/2016 Coming up this Saturday at 10 PM, the Esquire Network is premiering its new, 13 episode series with a title most people would be familiar with, Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.  Roughly based off of the Old English epic poem by an unnamed Anglo-Saxon poet, this show will be following the downtrodden […]

ShortsHD Releases Holiday Short Starring Dick Van Dyke

testosterone enanthate 300 mg Celebrity High 12/18/2015 The award-winning comedy short film, MERRY XMAS, recently closed a deal with Shorts International, parent company of ShortsHD to release the festival favorite on a variety of digital platforms this holiday season.The all-star cast includes Dick Van Dyke, Valerie Harper, Glenne Headly, and Matthew Modine. The short film was directed by Boman Modine from a screenplay by Boman and Matthew Modine and produced by Joe d’Angerio, Matthew Modine, and […]

Review: Like Air, The Art and Tribulation of Dance

Brianne Alphonso 11/30/2015 From Amalgamation Pictures, a new documentary has been released following three high school dancers working their way to Nationals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Like Air resonates with both the tension and the excitement of competitive dance from both a professional and personal perspective.  Each girl—Kayla (17), Alyssa (15), and Montserrat (15)—takes […]

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