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Review: DragonBallin’ Into a New Premier

binary options robot work Ryan Alphonso 7/6/2015 The FUNimation team has done it again. In another installment to the Dragon Ball Z series, voice actors Seán Schemmel, Chris Ayres, and Christopher Sabat give life to what will be arguably one of the breakthrough films to anime on the big screen: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F.” Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection […]

Black Celebs Flout, Tout, & Pout: The BET Experience 2015

binäre optionen 60 sekunden handel Peter Kronish 7/5/2015 This year’s BET Experience was a four-day crash course in talent and entertainment, artfully concentrated in downtown L.A. The multi-day, festival style event featured keynote “Genius Talks” by celebs like Kobe Bryant and Kelly Rowland, a discussion on why #BlackLivesMatter, and a rather pouty Nicki Minaj, making BETX 2015 was the hub […]

Review: Lifetime’s Latest: A “Perfect High”

binäre optionen plattformen Brianne Alphonso 6/29/2015 This weekend, Lifetime premiered another one of those “based on a true story movies:” Perfect High, a tale of high school drug abuse. The fact that its leading actress—previous Disney starlet, Bella Thorne—was starting to dabble in some darker content created a good amount of initial buzz for the film, and the […]

FanFiction: Stories Beyond Words

iq oprtion Alexis Colon 6/29/2015 Credits roll. Curtain’s down. Show’s over. It’s time to leave and you loved every minute of that movie. In fact, you need more. That movie wasn’t enough. So what is there to do? Watch the director’s cut? Ok. But you want something different. There has to be something out there for you. […]

The 2015 BET Awards in Review

För Viagra 150 mg master Ramez Moussa 6/29/2015 From dancing on cop cars, impersonations and reunions, this year’s BET Awards featured many unforgettable moments. It started with a hilarious opening number by the hosts and Black-ish co-stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. The night was filled with entertaining and iconic moments including Rihanna duct taping celebrities and Nicki Minaj forgetting which […]

Before the Awards, Get the Experience

binary options spread trading Ramez Moussa 6/24/2015 The streets of Los Angeles will be star-studded this weekend as BET hosts the BET Experience, a weekend filled with concerts, events and the 2015 BET Awards. This jam-packed entertainment fest will feature a celebrity basketball game, comedy shows, seminars, performances from multiple artists and more. According to the site, this is BET’s […]

To Be Signed, Or Not to Be? That Is the Question

billig Sildenafil Citrate Ramez Moussa 6/22/2015 “Should I sign with them, or not?” That’s a question many artists today ask themselves when a major record label comes knocking. Then begins the debate: sign with the label or stick to being an independent, “indie”, artist. An artist going from indie to signed is an important step in their musical […]

Rising Stars in Spring Awakening’s Lineup

أربح المال من المنزل فى المملكة المتحدة Max Anderson 6/10/2015 While the Spring Awakening Music Festival always impresses with their star-studded headliners, it’s this year’s rising stars that will be stealing the show. With the festival just around the corner, Chicago EDM heads are preparing themselves to vibe with the unique styles of various debuting artists. Hailing from coast to coast, these […]

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Spring Awakening Music Festival

vad betyder binära optioner Ramez Moussa 6/9/2015 Alright so you finally got your ticket for this year’s Spring Awakening Music Festival…now what? Well we’ve got you covered with some essential tips on how to prep for the festival. Whether you’re a beginner festival-goer or a concert veteran, these tips will help you prepare and get set for a crazy weekend full of […]

Silent Discos: The Unheard Phenomenon

Alexis Colon 6/8/2015 It’s Saturday night and you find yourself roaring for a good time. Freshly dressed, you’re hitting the dance floor. As you arrive at the scene, someone hands you a set of wireless headphones. Now that you can fully digest just what’s going on, you realize that there’s no music playing at all, […]

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