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Seven Lies about Sex

handel mit binäre optionen seiten mit paypal einzahlen Celebrity High 3/9/2016 Seven lies my friends told me about sex, and yours might be telling you too. In high school, it seemed like everyone was always talking about sex. From what hook-ups he’s had to her relationship drama, it was like the main conversation topic of my high school career. But when I got older, I realized […]

When Love Hurts: Teen Abuse winner option 3/9/2016 The Real Deal on Teen Dating Violence From MTV’s “Teen Mom” to Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie,” pop culture has kept the issue of dating violence on our minds and helped spur important conversations nationwide. But, did you know that one in every three teens experience dating violence? Abuse doesn’t discriminate based on […]

The Skinny on Manorexia onetwotrade Celebrity High 2/9/2016 Just because it’s not talked about, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. People often think of eating disorders as being a teenage girl’s problem, but even men go through it. Experts say “manorexia,” along with the body dysmorphia condition of “bigorexia,” men who become ever more muscle-bound in their obsessive pursuit of the […]

Life Hack: Working Out If You Hate Exercise

wie funktioniert hebel forex Cynthia Garcia 2/8/2016 I should get up and work… but maybe I shouldn’t… Ok, if I turn on the TV and there’s a reality show on, then that’ll be a sign I should wait until tomorrow…” Working out, losing weight, or being in all-around better shape tops most people’s list of New Year’s resolutions, but […]

Weird Habits to Improve Your Sports Game

on-line grafici opzioni binarie libere   Allison Tersch 2/3/2016             Being great at sports is where talent meets hard work. All other things being equal, there are a few other factors that have studies have proven to give one side that competitive edge. Random, ridiculous factors such as doing a touchdown dance, wearing the same […]

Revealed: The Secrets of a Slut-shamed Non-Slut

como ganhar dinheiro com opções binarias   Celebrity High 2/1/2016             I never thought I could be thought of as the school slut. I have to admit, I too was guilty of assuming that when someone got called a slut that they somehow deserved the title. However, now it had happened to me. No one can […]

Things They Don’t Teach You In Sex Ed

bdswiss einzahlung   Devon Henry 12/18/2015 Sex, understandably, is everywhere. It’s used to sell cars and burgers and really bad music. It’s on television and your grandparents did it, even (Sorry!).  But for something so universal as sex, it can be hard to learn about it as a young person- regardless of whether or not you’re even […]

What’s Your Bucket List?

ما هى iq option Elijah de Jesus 12/4/2015 What do you want to do before you die? Travel the world? Climb Mount Everest? Or maybe something as equally adrenaline-pumping as telling the person you secretly love about your feelings? Bucket lists are inspiring and motivational. They represent our goals and desires that we hope to accomplish in this life […]

Have Fun, It’s Good For Your Health

Sildenafil Citrate billig online Peter Kronish 8/10/2015 Recent medical evidence suggests that a good attitude isn’t just pleasant, it’s healthy. Researchers have known for a long time that a good attitude can improve a person’s mental health, and conversely, that a negative attitude can damage mental health by fostering depression, anxiety and chronic stress. And although the connections between […]

Do Pick-Up Lines Drop the Ball?

Alexis Colon 8/7/2015 Did it hurt, you know, when you fell from heaven?” Can anybody be taken seriously after that? Flirting can be fairly terrifying for a beginner. Typically advice ranges all over, from “just be yourself!” to “don’t be yourself, be slick and cool and handsome/beautiful,” to “hopefully she’ll think you’re funny.” Queue pick-up lines—clever […]

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