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Review: Helena Rose, An Intergalatic Fairytale

autoopzionibinarie area formazione Devon Henry 1/29/2016 I recently had the pleasure of reading “Helena Rose: An Intergalatic Fairytale” from Emet Comics- a comic publisher I was able to meet and interview a few months ago at the Long Beach Comic Con. After speaking at length with their entire panel of writers, I was very excited to finally get […]

Seeing the Future a Long, Long Time Ago

buy disco Devon Henry 12/21/2015 Science fiction has always been a medium for wishful-thinking among humans, barring the advent of the dystopian novel. It’s essentially fan fiction for the human race, reflecting our fear of the unknown and optimistic hope for the future. From the crew of the Enterprise to Sigourney Weaver’s girl-power Ellen Ripley to the Doctor […]

Things They Don’t Teach You In Sex Ed

graficos opciones binarias en vivo   Devon Henry 12/18/2015 Sex, understandably, is everywhere. It’s used to sell cars and burgers and really bad music. It’s on television and your grandparents did it, even (Sorry!).  But for something so universal as sex, it can be hard to learn about it as a young person- regardless of whether or not you’re even […]

ICYMI: Comikaze 2015 was Fandom Paradise

Emini futures trading strategies learn Devon Henry 11/9/2015 I was “that kid” every year during Halloween. You know the one. The one in the most obscure costume imaginable. Even if I was someone recognizable, it had to be in one of their lesser-known ensembles. When I was seven I went as Emma Peel from the Avengers (No, not those Avengers) […]

CH Exclusive: Danny Agha, Ahead of His Time

bd forex factory Devon Henry 11/2/2015 The first thing Danny Agha will tell you is that he’s a family man. He’s settled comfortably into life in Los Angeles with the entire Agha clan- but that wasn’t always the case. I sat down with him in his home nestled in the hills above Los Angeles as he opened up […]

Victory Lap: An Interview with Tyler Ward

Free online job post philippines Devon Henry 10/1/2015 Tyler Ward is calling me from a van in Texas. He’s currently on tour, his fifth so far, he tells me. He’s an old hand at the touring routine, rigging his van up with a body pillow instead of the standard seats. It’s comfy now, if a bit toasty. He’s even replaced […]

Review: Romeo and Juliet and Guns

Tastylia Uk Devon Henry 9/25/2015 They say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But what if you just rewrite it entirely? We’ve all read Romeo and Juliet in high school, sighing over the declarations of love and annoying our British lit teacher interrupting class to point out how avoidable the entire mess was- but modern-day bard […]

ICYMI: Long Beach Comic Con

binaire opties autotrader   Devon Henry 9/15/2015 In case you missed it (#icymi), the Long Beach Comic Con was last weekend and it was awesome. With the weather well into the 90s even in beach cities, you think it would have been enough to make SoCal residents stay home- but not con-goers. Sept. 12-13 saw the annual Long […]

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