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Looking Back at the State of the Union

handelszeiten für binäre optionen Peter Kronish 3/4/2016 Looking back at the State of the Union: What to learn from Obama as the primaries are underway Although Obama did not physically drop the mic after giving his final State of the Union speech (though some videos may make you believe he did, see below), his punch-line delivery was undoubtedly the […]

Trump Reels Under the “Cruz”ade

come ritirare i soldi dai siti di scommesse Peter Kronish 3/3/2016 Up until recently, Donald Trump’s signature political tactic, the insult, has been met to with only mild resistance from his Republican colleagues. However Trump has finally been given a taste of his own medicine from one of his chief targets, Republican Ted Cruz. Within the last few weeks Cruz’s battle against the […]

The Solo Cup Connection robot iq option Peter Kronish 10/18/2015 The international image of American culture has many obvious components: muscle cars, rap music, Bruce Willis. However most Americans don’t know that a commonplace piece of plastic has become an international symbol of the American party. Enter, the red Solo cup. Although it may sound strange to us, this humble cup that […]

The Good, The Quiet, and The Ugly of the 2015 Republican Debate

broker opzioni Peter Kronish 10/1/2015 The Republican debate held earlier this month at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California saw some serious name-calling, name dropping, and resume-reading by the top Republican candidates. Although the majority of responses included more reiteration of past accomplishments than actual policy, there was general accord among the candidates on many topics, […]

Epic Intern Fails

opzioni trader fxoro Peter Kronish 8/10/2015 Internships are often a person’s initiation into the working world. Unfortunately for some, this first step can be an incredibly awkward and wobbly one, resulting in all types of blunders. But fortunately (for the rest of us), those blunders can range from notorious gossip to downright hilarious, providing us with great entertainment either […]

Have Fun, It’s Good For Your Health

etoro permette di investire nelle opzioni binarie Peter Kronish 8/10/2015 Recent medical evidence suggests that a good attitude isn’t just pleasant, it’s healthy. Researchers have known for a long time that a good attitude can improve a person’s mental health, and conversely, that a negative attitude can damage mental health by fostering depression, anxiety and chronic stress. And although the connections between […]

Review: “Angry Optimist: The Life and Times of Jon Stewart”

trading online binario come funziona Peter Kronish 7/20/2015 Although thoroughly researched and offering a few rare glimpses into the personal life of one of the world’s most beloved comedians, when it comes to style, “Angry Optimist: The Life and Times of Jon Stewart,” by Lisa Rogak leaves much to be desired. In his life, Jon Stewart has acted, directed, worked […]


overnight no prescription Orlistat 120 mg Peter Kronish 7/15/2015 Terminated partnerships, lawsuits and name-calling. No, it’s not a reality show, it’s a political campaign. People and businesses have been denouncing presidential candidate Donald Trump since he made inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants last month saying, “when Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” adding, “they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing […]

Black Celebs Flout, Tout, & Pout: The BET Experience 2015

best online trading platform Peter Kronish 7/5/2015 This year’s BET Experience was a four-day crash course in talent and entertainment, artfully concentrated in downtown L.A. The multi-day, festival style event featured keynote “Genius Talks” by celebs like Kobe Bryant and Kelly Rowland, a discussion on why #BlackLivesMatter, and a rather pouty Nicki Minaj, making BETX 2015 was the hub […]

If I Can’t See You, You Can’t See Me: Denial in the United States

Peter Kronish 6/23/2015 Denial can only be overcome after it is acknowledged as being a problem; and recent events have started a national discussion about its role in American society. So let’s talk about it. Applying what psychologists know about individual denial to certain government policies provides useful insight into the way denial functions as […]

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