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The Black Castle

best trend indicator for binary options I I was walking through the forest of life when I saw in my path a shade whose spectral form blocked my way to the sweet fruits that lay beyond. II “Who are you, shade?” I asked, “Why do I find you now, in my travels?” The shade spoke not but instead pointed down yonder […]

Someday you could look here Someday, you’ll be mine. Someday, I’ll be yours. Someday, in this time, it is me you’ll adore. My smile, my laugh, the way my hair lays. My habits, my humor, the things that I say. Someday, I’ll meet you. Someday, you’ll meet me. We’ll say “I do’s,” and belaud be the sea. Our past, present, […]

Jack & Jill

trading operazioni binarie senza commissioni offerta Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.” She sang the nursery rhyme giggling to herself. She smoothed her black, curly hair and laid down on the cot. 
 “Jill came tumbling after…Jack broke his crown…” She sighed […]

The Frog Prince

binaire opties 60 seconden strategie “Who’s the old prune?” Aaron asked, leaning over to his best friend in the seat next to him and gesturing to the much older woman at the front of the class. His friend shrugged, “I think she’s our substitute.” Aaron leaned back in his chair, still wondering who the stranger was but decided not to […]

Just Say, “No”

option web trading online “Samantha, are you ready yet? I want to get some pictures of you before you go!” her mother called from the living room. “Coming!” she replied. She took a deep breath and checked herself out one last time in the mirror, correcting any little details that seemed out of place. She couldn’t help but feel […]

The End

social trading (This the end) A breeze rolls by, and Eddie feels it as it caresses his face. (Beautiful friend) Eddie realizes that he’s lying on his back, the springy turf below him making a fine bed. (This is the end) Opening his eyes, he sees blue sky pierced by tall green trees. (My only friend, the […]

Summer Woes

iuq option demo We’ll spend another summer miles apart, And once again the loss of you will leave me numb and restless and missing your touch. There is no peace for me when I am states away from where you are. I’ll think of you most when I am winding down to sleep— Of your gentle, quiet laugh, […]

I’m Awake pro indicator The air is still, and the sounds are enhanced. My body is relaxed, and remains in a trance. The room is dark, and not a thing can be seen. This feeling’s not new, and remains a routine. The day has been long, and I’ve made my mistakes. As I think of it all; I’m awake. […]

The Chameleon

trading opzioni binarie cos\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'è It had been a while since she had to worry about the people around her. Over the past few years she had mastered a skill that kept her from getting hurt, a skill that allowed her to change on command and become whoever she needed to be. She was a chameleon. She analyzed her surroundings […]

We Are the Constellations

In a darkness, vast and wide. Glowing brightly, side by side. Burning heat, down to the core. A sight so grand; Full of allure.   Connected by science, stories and tales. Gone by day, but the night never fails to define who we are; Where we stand in this place, where we are hidden in […]

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