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Mad As Us

bdswiss einzahlen I watch you over an open book of poetry. You being live poetry, poetry that breathes and burns in a world that would be dark otherwise.   The way you move can only be described as miraculous. That you, as all others, came out of nothing to exist as you do, to be who you […]

The Best Times

türkiye'de forex firmaları Catch me if you can, the night is still young Let’s stay out all night until we see the sun This is the time of our lives an adventure in the making Summer’s here and it’s ours for the taking Wind in my hair, sand on my feet The freedom of the night challenges us […]

The Kangaroo and the Sparrow

köpa Sildenafil Citrate säkert online The young Kangaroo stood at his mother’s side, staring at the big wide world before him. “It’s all yours,” she said. “Go enjoy it.” But he was not sure he was ready. The Kangaroo had lived with his mother since the beginning of his days. As an infant, he had clung to her fur and […]

Monday Morning Symphony

opzioni pair 6:00 brings the shrill metallic shriek of Wake up! Time for work! Begin the dreadful Monday morning symphony. As I drag my tired body from beneath the covers, The conductor bids the band play. Cue the violent whir of the blow dryer; Enter the high-pitched yap of the neighbor’s chihuahua; Throw in the clank, clang […]

Finding Home

opziono binarie The day had finally arrived, the day I had both longed for and dreaded, yet it felt like any other morning. It was strange, the normalcy of it all, because today marked the end of my familiar world and the beginning of the one I had long sought after. When 11 o’clock came, my family squeezed into […]

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