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The Skinny on Manorexia binäre optionen händler Celebrity High 2/9/2016 Just because it’s not talked about, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. People often think of eating disorders as being a teenage girl’s problem, but even men go through it. Experts say “manorexia,” along with the body dysmorphia condition of “bigorexia,” men who become ever more muscle-bound in their obsessive pursuit of the […]

Skip the Degree: Is College Really for You?

binär optionen für anfänger Celebrity High 2/7/2016 So college is no longer an option. Now what? There are quite a few options that can be taken after high school that can put you in a similar, or even better, position than those who opted to continue to post-secondary education. Apprenticeships, at one time, were the only way for young […]

Extracurricular Activies: Less Is More

köp Viagra billigt   Ramez Moussa 2/6/2016 While extracurricular activities can help your college application, having too many might do the opposite. Guidance counselors everywhere will tell you that getting accepted into college requires more than grades and test scores. Often, colleges want well rounded students, so extracurricular activities matter. However, some students try to do it all. Is there […]

Here’s What You Missed at the 2015 VMAs

opcje binarne realne zarobki Ramez Moussa 8/31/2015 And that’s a wrap! This year’s MTV Video Music Awards was nothing short of entertaining. From feuds ending, to a presidential candidacy announcement, to various outfit changes, this year’s award show may very well be one of the most memorable yet. As always, Miley Cyrus kept things interesting as this year’s host. […]

From No. 1 to Not Even: NBA Draft Picks Then & Now

il trading con opzioni binarie Ramez Moussa 8/4/2015 With the first pick in the NBA Draft…” Hearing your name after those words means the pressure is on. Being the first pick in the NBA draft pick is one of the biggest honors an NBA prospect can receive. These prospects join a respected list that boasts hall of famers and legends […]

It Was Worth a Shot: Failed Musician-Turned-Actors

opzioni binarie strategie youtube Ramez Moussa 7/28/2015 Where there is success, there is also failure. While there are plenty of musicians who are able to solidify themselves as successful actors, there are just as many who don’t quite receive the success they expected. Some musicians really struggle to find their niche in the film industry. Nowadays, it seems increasingly common […]

From Music to Movies: The Musicians that Flew

ig markets opzioni binarie Ramez Moussa 7/17/2015 From music videos to theater screens, some artists have always dreamed of going where their movie counterparts have been. Many artists within the music industry often transition from a career in music to one in film. Whether they forego their music altogether, or try to balance the two simultaneously, they attempt to […]

It’s Not a Moment, It’s a Movement

binäre optionen app   Ramez Moussa 7/13/2015 When’s the last time an internationally known movement began with a hashtag? #BlackLivesMatter advocates and calls for an end to racism and prejudice that occurs toward African Americans. Initiated after the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman’s acquittal, the movement sparked a national debate about injustice towards the black […]

The 2015 BET Awards in Review opzioni binarie regolate in USA Ramez Moussa 6/29/2015 From dancing on cop cars, impersonations and reunions, this year’s BET Awards featured many unforgettable moments. It started with a hilarious opening number by the hosts and Black-ish co-stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. The night was filled with entertaining and iconic moments including Rihanna duct taping celebrities and Nicki Minaj forgetting which […]

Before the Awards, Get the Experience

Ramez Moussa 6/24/2015 The streets of Los Angeles will be star-studded this weekend as BET hosts the BET Experience, a weekend filled with concerts, events and the 2015 BET Awards. This jam-packed entertainment fest will feature a celebrity basketball game, comedy shows, seminars, performances from multiple artists and more. According to the site, this is BET’s […]

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