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The Paperless Wave

estrategias para opciones binarias 60 segundos Greg Marquez It wasn’t long ago when there was no emailing, texting or even the Internet. Back then, when your parents went to high school almost all communication was done on paper, whether in small communications or in writing letters to friends and relatives around the world. The use of paper depleted the world of […]

A Global Warning for Global Warming

grafici trading Nyvia Weathersby   Our planet is HOT, but you want to live on a cool planet, don’t you? In recent decades, scientists discovered that the temperature on earth has indeed risen at an unparalleled rate. Many scientists believe that human activity is causing the extreme discomfort in our environment. Everything on our Earth is affected when […]

Techaholics: Growing Up Plugged In

binary options uk law Max Anderson 10/23/2015 From professional development to social activism, millennials are using technology to their advantage to revolutionize their world. Millennials are one of the most inter-connected generation the world has ever seen. A 2012 study by the Pew Research Center determined that 78 percent of teens own a cellphone. Through this constant communication with […]

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