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The Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

binary options successful traders Allison Tersch 2/5/2016             If you’re feeling less than cheery about this year’s Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled ten of the best anti-valentines day songs from 2015 and earlier. For those of you in love, Feb. 14 is a day filled with hearts, flowers, and happy lovey-dovey couples. However, if you’re […]

Weird Habits to Improve Your Sports Game

ikili opsiyon helal midir   Allison Tersch 2/3/2016             Being great at sports is where talent meets hard work. All other things being equal, there are a few other factors that have studies have proven to give one side that competitive edge. Random, ridiculous factors such as doing a touchdown dance, wearing the same […]

Revealed: The Secrets of a Slut-shamed Non-Slut

sistema binario trading spiegazione   Celebrity High 2/1/2016             I never thought I could be thought of as the school slut. I have to admit, I too was guilty of assuming that when someone got called a slut that they somehow deserved the title. However, now it had happened to me. No one can […]

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