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Epic Intern Fails الخيارات الثنائية إشارات للمحترفين

Peter Kronish

Seroquel prices 8/10/2015

Buy cheap Tastylia online without a prescription Internships are often a person’s initiation into the working world. Unfortunately for some, this first step can be an incredibly awkward and wobbly one, resulting in all types of blunders. But fortunately (for the rest of us), those blunders can range from notorious gossip to downright hilarious, providing us with great entertainment either way.

buy Viagra 50 mg in Yonkers New York Misfortune, immaturity and honest mistakes are the most common causes of internship fiascoes; as they were in these five epic intern downfalls.

commissioni trading on line banco napoli THE ACCIDENTAL ARSONIST

Employing a teenage intern can be risky, especially when they’re trusted to maintain expensive and important equipment.

Gil Silberman was just in high school when he got his first internship at a tech company. With over 100 other employees in the office building, keeping the miles of electric wiring in order was crucial to the business.

Unfortunately for Silberman, inexperience led him to make a small cabling error, causing a spark. The subsequent flames quickly consumed everything inside the brick building, incinerating massive amounts of data and hardware, displacing the employees and destroying a huge portion of his boss’ memorabilia collection.

Despite costing the company considerable thousands in material, Silberman was never blamed for the fire, although he suspects that his boss always knew it was him. Silberman also admits that it was his “third or fourth most costly professional mistake.”

Here is a before and after pic of the ill-fated office building:

Inline image 1

trading opzioni binarie cos/\\\\\\\\'ÃÃ�€ ’ÂÃ�€ ’¨ THE FALSE REPORTER

Inexperience and immaturity can go hand in hand sometimes, as they did for one intern whose decision to play a little prank turned into a nationally televised PR disaster.

Shortly after reporting that the Asiana Air flight 214 had crashed, a KTVU anchor eagerly announced that she had just received confirmation of the pilots’ names from the National Transportation Safety Board. Despite not being normal policy for the NTSB to release names of pilots involved in accidents, nobody at KTUV found the names, including captains “Sum Ting Wong, Ho Lee Fuk, Wi Tu Lo and Bang Ding Ow,” a little too racist and cartoonish to be true.

The fake names were announced on the air, causing a wave of indignation and embarrassment.

KTVU immediately came under fire as the broadcast exploded over social media and had to release a string of apologies, ultimately firing three of its producers. NTSB also issued a press release apologizing for the fake names and stating that, “a summer intern acted outside the scope of his authority.” Asiana Air even considered a lawsuit, but later dropped the idea, perhaps understanding the hazards of overly playful interns with too much access.

köp Viagra Malmö (Sturup), Sverige SH*T HAPPENS

Regardless of maturity level, trying to start an internship on the right foot can be nerve-wracking. And as far as first impressions go, this intern defiantly wins the prize for most horrific.

According to Gawker, an intern at NBC in New York went on an “on the job pooping-spree” during a desperate and unsuccessful search for a toilet, resulting in emergency cleaning crews being called to multiple floors of the building.

Although it has never been confirmed by NBC specifically, the several anonymous “tipsters” said that the intern, “did in fact [poop] all over the 18th and 25th floors of the 30 Rock building. She did it in the hallway, on the floor, on a pile of FedEx boxes, on the way between floors… pretty much everywhere but the bathroom… It was a sh*tshow (pun absolutely intended).”

The story goes that the intern blamed the nightmarish incident on some “bad water” she drank while in Israel, despite having already been home from her trip for two weeks. To be fair, though, the bathrooms were locked and she had not yet been given a key.

As embarrassing of a first day as this must have been, you have to give the girl serious kudos for returning and completing the rest of the summer internship. I just wonder how she greeted everyone the next morning…

swiss binäre optionen NO NAZIS, PLEASE

Even more so than when starting a new job, in politics, making a good impression is critical. Unfortunately, inept staffers can turn a good idea into an awful reality.

Last month, Donald Trump’s Twitter feed featured a new campaign poster, the American flag overlaying several stirring images: a portrait of Donald Trump looking defiantly grizzled, $100 bills, the White House and, at the bottom, some soldiers; apparently in homage to the men and women who protect our freedom.

But, with a second glance at the soldiers, something seems out-of-place. Something about their helmets and uniforms, they just don’t look like modern American soldiers. That’s because they’re not. As it turns out they’re not even real soldiers. Instead, marching at the bottom of Trump’s new banner, are four WWII reenactors dressed in Nazi SS uniforms.

The composite image of Trump next to what appeared to be Nazis was met with outrage and disbelief on Twitter almost immediately, causing the Executive Vice President of the Trump Foundation to issue and apology that stated the image was included and uploaded “accidentally” by an intern.

The photo of the reenactors is actually an iStock image found under the search, “world war II soldiers marching,” but that doesn’t really excuse the intern, as directly under the photo are tags which include “German Culture” and “Fascism”

itm binary options software review THE DEFINITION OF “IS”

Political interns also get involved in scandals beyond the campaign trail, sometimes even making up the focal point of a scandal that threatens to derail an established politician. Which brings us to our final and most notorious intern story: enter Monica Lewinsky.

Not long after beginning her internship in the Clinton White House, superiors began to notice the unusually large amount of time that the 22-year-old Lewinsky was spending with the 49-year-old president. In fact she spent so much time with Clinton that she was transferred to the Pentagon within her first year. The reassignment did not stop her from continuing to see President Clinton though, and she began to confide in a friend about her ongoing sexual relationship with the Commander-in-Chief.

But unknown to Lewinsky, her friend had begun taping their conversations, providing fresh evidence through a literary agent in an ongoing investigation of Clinton’s sexual misconduct beginning with his time as governor of Arkansas. Clinton and Lewinsky both denied the allegations when they surfaced in 1998 but this scandal in addition to a separate investigation of a shady failed land deal, known as Whitewater, was enough to warrant a full impeachment of the President.

Because Lewinsky later testified against Clinton, admitting to the performing oral sex, Clinton faced charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. However, he was able to avoid the charges by focusing on the exact wording of the testimonies, insisting that he construed “sexual relations” to strictly mean coming in contact with Lewinsky’s genitals, not receiving oral sex. At one time even famously questioning the precise use of the word “is.”

Clinton was eventually acquitted, Congress having failed to achieve a 2/3 majority on any charge, but the impeachment scarred his image and he released an apology statement saying that his relationship with Lewinsky was “wrong” and “not appropriate.”

Interns can find themselves in a lot of sticky situations, but whether embarrassing themselves or causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, they usually benefit, as they should, from the fact that not much is expected from their first shot at a professional life.

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