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Extracurricular Activies: Less Is More

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Ramez Moussa

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opcje binarne program While extracurricular activities can help your college application, having too many might do the opposite.

buy Tastylia online without prescription Guidance counselors everywhere will tell you that getting accepted into college requires more than grades and test scores. Often, colleges want well rounded students, so extracurricular activities matter.

best robot binary options However, some students try to do it all.

binaire opties winst Is there someone in your school who plays four sports, is an officer in six different clubs, volunteers at the local animal shelter, nursing home and homeless shelter while holding a 4.0? Admissions officers go through countless applications each semester and can spot a padded list of extracurricular activities from a mile away. Frantically joining any group just to impress college admissions boards isn’t going to go over well. However, there are a few options and strategies that can be applied to ensure an application be taken seriously and not to the trash can.

kan man köpa Viagra på apoteket i sverige Academics are the number one priority throughout high school. Becoming overly involved in one or many out-of-school activities can take away from studying and negatively affect a student’s grades, which can reduce his chances of admission. If the extracurricular load begins to feel too heavy, consider lessening it until you get a handle on your academics.

“It’s not the number of extra-curriculars that counts, but the depth of involvement in each activity.”

rendimento fisso garantito opzioni binarie Admission officers are more likely to consider an applicant who is very committed to one or two activities, rather than a student who has taken on many activities and hasn’t shown serious commitment to any single one. Colleges want students who can bring unique skills and interests to their campus. The emphasis should be on quality, not quantity, and depth, not breadth.

Each group joined or volunteer assignment spearheaded in high school will take valuable time and energy.

Students should choose an extracurricular based on their talents and passions. A gifted writer might benefit more from a spot on the school newspaper than a position on student council. There will always be activities or groups that will impress some admissions officers more than others. Stick to your real interests and trust that it will shine through in your application.

Being president of a group or captain of a team isn’t the only way to demonstrate leadership and impress the admissions board members. The quality of work done is more important than the title. Any student can be president of the Key Club, but a contributing member who takes the initiative to set up an after-school tutoring program and recruits fellow students to staff it is going to have a better experience and a much more persuasive application essay.

Starting a group is another great way to show initiative. Students should look into what interests them and if they don’t see it at their school, they can contact their faculty members on starting a group. That is how every book club or public speaking club got started!

If there isn’t enough time during the school year, why not try the summer?

Being involved in extracurricular activities during the summer demonstrates other important qualities that grades alone don’t reveal, such as an ability to work with others, a sense of responsibility and personal commitment, without interrupting school or study time. Show initiative by getting a job or pursuing a service-based activity in an area that interests you.

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