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FUNimation’s Coming of Age Tale: The Boy and the Beast

boy and beast

Brianne Alphonso

indikator forex untuk mengetahui trend 2/29/2016

binary option simulator Great anime films do not receive nearly enough attention. Of course some of the big names are at least recognized by the general audience, but for the most part if it is not Ghibli, not many know it.

wo kann ich binäroptionen handeln Anime needs more time to shine! Though originally from Studio Chizu, thanks to Funimation, a new hit film will be coming to American theaters this March called The Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko). Written and Directed by Mamoru Hosoda, the man responsible for such anime as Summer Wars, this this film grossed second highest of the Japanese films in the Japanese box office last year, and it undoubtedly deserved that spot. With lovable characters, tear jerking scenes, and just enough chuckle moments to go around, The Boy and the Beast is worthy of a watch, whether you are into anime or not.

var köper man Viagra utan recept The plot opens with Ren, a nine year-old boy with no parents and a pretty serious anger management problem that will likely trouble him later in life. In this reality, humans go about their average day to day lives, but just a little way off down an urban alley way live the Beasts, separate and particularly concerned with their human neighbors. Things change however when one beast in need of an apprentice stumbles across our protagonist and decides to take him in. Time flies through the rest of the movie with a series of montages from cleaning to training to eating, and through them all the relationship between the human and the Beasts develops into a warm semblance of a family. Obviously there are some bumps and struggles along the way, but watching the process of a kid past trauma and growing stronger from it makes The Boy and the Beast riveting till the end.

opcje binarne w xtb Whether you plan on watching in English or Japanese, the cast for this anime is top notch. Starring on the Japanese side of things are actors Kōji Hashimoto (Kumatetsu), Shōta Sometani (Ren), and Aoi Miyazaki (child Ren). And for those who prefer to watch dubbed, the movie features the voices of John Swasey, Eric Vale, and Luci Christian. It is always refreshing to find an anime with voice actors who know what they are doing, and The Boy and the Beast won’t disappoint on that front.

60sekundenoption The film has already been playing in theaters across various countries in Asia and some in Europe for a little while now, but since this fantasy fighting anime is finally coming to AMC theaters here, I for one plan on dragging all my non-anime-loving friends along to see it. For those who find themselves interested in anime but are at a loss for how to introduce their friends to it gently (all anime fans share this struggle), The Boy and the Beast is a safe way to go. With its sweet and simple plot but the unique weirdness that makes anime so fun, the film is beautiful artistically and universally relatable enough for anyone to get into.

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