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Gearing Up for A New Job

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Forex courses malaysia Every year, the race begins again. You slip on your best shoes and your most responsible attitude and hit the streets running. The countdown’s on to find the best summer (or school year) employment available. In the past few years, the tight job market has meant fewer jobs available for students. Start your job search early to beat the competition and land the job you want!

Why Get a Job or Internship?

Option trading definition questrade Jobs and internship have lots of terrific benefits. Working is a great way to prepare for life after high school and college. The skills you learn early on will help you develop the professional talents you’ll need throughout your life. These include basic but important skills like customer service, caring for kids, and even learning how to work with a boss!

oanda forex minimum deposit Work experience can also help people feel good about themselves. Self-esteem and self-confidence you can develop at a job or internship will come in handy when you’re read to interview for college or your career.

Where should I start?

opzioni binarie a confronto Begin by putting together a resume. A good resume is your best job-hunting tool. Unlike an application form, which you only fill out when you’re applying for a particular job opening, you can hand resumes out to relatives, friends of the family, teachers, and other people you know. Ask them to pass it on to anyone who might be interested in hiring you. Hundreds of job job-related sites on the internet offer advice on preparing a resume.

forex live app android One of the simplest ways to find a job opening is by reading the classified ads section of your local newspaper. Of course, some of the jobs listed- usually those that appear under “sales” and claim you can work for yourself making thousands of dollars per week- may be too good to be true. So make sure the job ad mentions what the work entails (i.e., “serve, evenings and weekends” or “day camp counselor.”) opciones binarias estrategia bb trigger Some people also get job leads from their school counselors, whereas others fill out applications or drop off resumes at prospective employers and temporary employment agencies. If you’re interested in working at a restaurant, book store, garden center, or other service business in your area, the best approach is to go there and fill out an application.

premarin cream off label uses Your school counselor may be able to help open other doors of opportunity via internships. Some companies and businesses offer bright students short-term, hands-on training (and sometimes even a modest rate of pay) in exchange for a willingness to learn and work hard. If you perform well at your internship you may be offered a full-time position afterwards. Internships can also provide you with valuable references that can help you land future jobs. binären optionen erfahrung If traditional job opportunities don’t appeal to you, consider more creative opportunities. Be your own boss by starting a pet sitting, dog walking, lawn care, computer service, or cleaning business. Print out flyers advertising the services your business offers, your rates, and your phone number or email address, then drop one off at every house in your neighborhood.

Some enterprising people recognize opportunities in an existing business that the business may not see. For example, Amalia frequently heard her aunt complain that she never had time to take care of the accounting in her small graphic design firm because she and her partner were too busy. Although Amalia knew that she couldn’t handle the business’s finances, she offered to help her aunt after school by answering phones and handling the mail and copying, giving her aunt time to do other tasks.

The Interview

It’s not just previous job history or unique skills that matter at the interview. Both your attitude and your appearance affect your chances of getting the job you want. You’ve probably heard your parents talk about making a good first impression with what you wear (it may sound like a lecture, but in this case they’re right!) here are some other strategies to help make sure your interview is a success:

APPEAR CONFIDENT: Look your potential employer in the eye, shake his or her hand, and remember another parental mantra: good manners!

BE PREPARED: find out what you can about the position or company in advance and show your knowledge during the interview. Doing a little research on the job or field in which you’re applying- so easy to don on the internet- shows the interviewer that you’re smart and eager to learn. Knowing what a position involves also allows you to think in advance about which specific skills you have that fit well with that job.

ANSWER (AND ASK) QUESTIONS: You’ll no doubt be asked typical interview questions, such as why you’re interested in the position, what types of skills you offer, and the hours you’re available to work. Prepare your answers before the interview. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions doesn’t make you look stupid, in fact, it’s the reverse. Questions show the interviewer that you’re thoughtful and that you’re not afraid to interact with other people- a particularly good interview strategy if the position involved dealing with people face-to-face, such as a guide or salesperson.

FOLLOW UP: Send your interviewer a brief email or letter thanking them for spending time with you. Repeat your interest in the position. Your future employer will be impressed by your determination.

Looking for a job, preparing for an interview, and even getting to work are all areas in which a parent or older sibling can offer helpful advice. So don’t hesitate to ask for help on everything from putting together your resume to choosing an interview outfit. Chances are, you’ll be interviewing and working for people their age anyway, so a little insight can’t hurt!

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