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Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Untold Story

CHCH Sara Albert

Goldilocks awoke to a frightful sight: three bears—a Daddy Bear, a Mama Bear, and a Baby Bear—looming over her. She shrieked as she jumped out of the bed she had dozed off in and ran out the door as fast as her feet would carry her. She hurried back through the woods toward home, sure that she was being pursued. She ran and she ran and she ran, and when she could run no more, she came to a halt and fell to her knees with exhaustion.

“I think I’ve outrun them,” she declared aloud, for she had an odd habit of talking to herself. “Thank heavens! I have no doubt the horrible creatures would’ve demanded to tell my parents what I’d done and gotten me grounded. And for what—a little porridge, a broken chair?” She began to laugh. “Brainless animals. If they didn’t want people climbing through their window, they shouldn’t have left it open in the first place. I bet they won’t make that foolish mistake again. They should be grateful; I’ve done them a favor.”

Goldilocks grinned, smoothed out her flaxen hair, and continued home at a much more relaxed pace, utterly pleased with herself. That is, until the image of the three bears’ faces popped back into her mind. “Oh, they buy tastylia oral strips online no prescription did look awfully angry . . . What if they track my scent back to my house? They’ll tattle on me for sure, and then I won’t be allowed to go to Gretel’s birthday party next weekend. No, no, this won’t do. This simply won’t do.”

As Goldilocks was musing over her predicament, a man happened to be walking down the road in her direction. He was a tall, burly fellow with a rifle slung over one shoulder and some kind of gray pelt draped over the other. She eyed him thoughtfully as he approached, wondering if she might make use of him. Even at the tender age of nine, she had a knack for knowing how to make men do what she wanted. Within seconds she had worked herself into a frenzy, forcing her limbs to tremble and her eyes to water and even her skin to turn an unsightly pale color.

“Good afternoon, miss,” the man greeted her, politely tipping his hat. Then, noticing that the girl seemed in hysterics, he asked, “What’s wrong, child?”

“Oh, please, sir, I need help. Are you a hunter?”

The stranger grinned. “Sure am! See this wolf?” he asked, pulling the pelt from his shoulder and displaying it proudly. “This fella ate up some poor little girl and her granny. Lucky for them I got to ‘em in time. I cut ‘im right open and there they were, still alive. Can you believe that?”

The more the Hunter spoke, the more of her patience Goldilocks felt slipping away. He was about as sharp as a marble, but he would have to do. With a synthetic, shaky voice, she said, “Please, I’m in horrible trouble. I was just walking through the woods, minding my own business, when these three ferocious bears attacked me. I ran as fast as I could and managed to escape them, but I fear they’ll come after me again.”

“They just attacked you outta nowhere?” The Hunter’s eyes began to dart around, as if he expected the three bears to come barreling toward them any minute.

“Oh, yes! There was an enormous daddy bear, a big mama bear, and a little baby bear. They said they make meals out of pretty little girls like me—the prettier the better, and I was the prettiest they had ever seen.”

The Hunter was astounded. “Poor child, it’s a miracle you escaped with your life!” he exclaimed. “I tell ya, these animals need to learn their place in the food chain. I promise you, kid, if I see those bears around, I’ll make ‘em into rugs and lay ‘em on my living room floor.”

Goldilocks almost couldn’t stop herself from grinning wildly. This was more fun than she could’ve imagined. She began to picture herself arriving at Gretel’s party in a beautiful new fur coat and being the envy of all the other little girls there. “I know where they live!” she cried, almost too eagerly. “If you follow me, I’ll bring you there, and you can take care of them for good.”

The Hunter stared at her for a moment. Something about this didn’t sit quite right with him, but then again he didn’t really care all that much. He just wanted another opportunity to shoot something again. He enjoyed shooting things. It made him feel manly. “Alright,” he said. “Lead the way.”


“Please calm down,” sighed the Mama Bear, who had always been much milder than her hot-headed husband. Daddy Bear had been throwing a fit since they discovered the little girl, and it was all she could do to mask her frustration with him for her son’s sake. There was a reason the two of them slept in separate beds.

“Calm down? roberto molina opzioni binarie superalertspro Calm down?” roared Daddy Bear. “That little girl broke into our Tadalafil Oral Strips Online home—where we how to trade forex binary options successfully live—and ate opcje binarne ebook our porridge and broke misoprostol without rx our chair and slept in software opzioni binarie 60 secondi our beds. She acted like she owned the place! These humans, they’re so entitled!”

“So the kid’s got boundary issues—she’s a finanztest binäre optionen kid. I think the next time we see her we should talk to her, tell her she can’t just barge in when we’re not home and help herself to whatever she wants, maybe have a chat with her parents and explain what happened.”

Daddy Bear rolled his eyes. ” free forex charts That’s your solution? Explaining to her why what she did was wrong? What about the damage she’s done? It took me purchase Tastylia online without prescription hours to build the chair she broke. She needs to know that there are consequences for her actions. Otherwise what’s to stop her from doing it again?”

“You’re right. Her parents should pay us back for the chair. But other than that, I’m sure a stern warning will be enough to teach her that she isn’t allowed in our house uninvited.”

“Alright,” Daddy Bear agreed. He turned to his son, who had been crying ever since he began his tirade. Just like his mother, Baby Bear hated when his father raised his voice. ”Come here, Junior. There’s no need to cry. Daddy will build you a brand new chair, a better chair.”

“And Mommy will make you another bowl of porridge,” added Mama Bear.

As Mama Bear prepared the porridge and Daddy Bear attempted to salvage what pieces he could of the broken chair, a firm knock sounded at the door. Baby Bear scurried over to answer it, but the moment he swung the door open he was greeted by the barrel of a rifle.

“That’s them!” cried Goldilocks, trying with all her might to keep a laugh from escaping her mouth. “Those are the bears who tried to eat me!”

“So, you monsters like to eat pretty little girls, eh?” said the Hunter.

“Eat her?” cried Mama Bear. “What on earth are you talking about?”

“Don’t play coy with me,” growled the Hunter. “You animals are all the same, preying on defenseless children lost in the wood.”

“No, you’ve got it all wrong,” said Daddy Bear. “She climbed through our window, ate our food, vandalized our property. binäre optionen ipad She’s the menace.”

“They’re lying!” cried Goldilocks. “I’ve never been near their house.”

“Oh, yeah? Then how did you find your way here?” said Baby Bear.

The Hunter turned to her, that feeling that something wasn’t quite right returning once again. “Hey, that’s a good point. How miglior sito di segnali forex did you know where they lived if you ain’t been ‘ere before?”

“I- I, uh—” But Goldilocks could think of no answer. The heat of panic began to rise within her chest as she struggled to manufacture some lie, but her brain failed her.

Taking advantage of the Hunter’s momentary distraction, Daddy Bear charged, knocking the rifle from the man’s hands before he had a chance to fire upon his son. The two became locked in a vicious scuffle that only ended when Mama Bear removed her pot of porridge from the stove and slammed it against the Hunter’s head. When both Mama and Daddy Bear were sure the man would not rise again, they turned their attention to Goldilocks.

“What should we do with her?” growled the Daddy Bear to his wife.

“Well,” Mama Bear said, grinning, “we still haven’t had our breakfast yet.”

Before Goldilocks could make her second escape that day, Daddy Bear seized her and sunk his teeth into her arm. “Yuck!” he exclaimed as Goldilocks screamed. “This girl is too tender.”

“Let me taste,” said Mama Bear, taking her own mouthful. “Ugh! This girl is too tough.”

“My turn!” cried Baby Bear. He took a bite, then with satisfaction declared, “This girl is just right!”

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