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He Said She Said: Dating Pet Peeves

He Said She Said

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Guys and girls speak out on dating, love and the opposite sex


Ever curious to get that guy’s perspective on that text you and your girl friends have been scrutinizing for two days? Ever wonder if she’s talking about you with her girl friends in the bathroom when they left you alone at the table for fifteen minutes? Maybe you’re new to the dating game or just suck at relationships, but we asked a few boys and girls some dating questions and got answers to some of your dating questions.

You can stop worrying why he cringes every time you call him “babe” or why she ignores you when she sees the shoes you’re wearing; we’ll tell you what we heard and what we learned from it along the way.


So, you just went out with someone and you want to text him or her afterwards to let them know you had a great time. You want them to know you’re really interested, but where is the line between liking and “stalking?” opzioni web He said:

“By about the third time you text me in a row without me responding. Once I had left my phone in the other room and when I got back to it, like an hour later, this girl had texted me like 20 times and we had just met. Her last text was like ‘Why are you ignoring me?’ It was just too much.” -Mike

opcje binarne jak zacząć She said:

“Three times is the limit. But it’s more genuine when you call.” – Brit

bücher über schulung für binäre optionen und traten What we learned: Three sounds like the magic number for everybody, but the bottom line is to relax. Stay calm; you don’t want your new crush to go from BF/GF potential to trying to change their number.


So, you’re interested, but then that guy or girl says or does something that turns your ‘yes’ into a ‘no’. You absolutely hate it when ____? publicota trading binario He said:

“I hate it when girls are overly fake. I thought this girl was really hot, but then when we hung out she started batting her eyes and whining. I mean who does that? I didn’t really like her after that.” -Chris

“I don’t like it when a girl spends too much time talking about her ex. If you mention him more than, let’s say twice in a single date without me asking, I’m going to be really irritated.” -John

trading binarie online ita She said:

“I don’t like it when guys are too aggressive or act like a player. If I’m hanging out with you, I probably like you, or would at least like to get to know you. I don’t like to feel pressured; just relax and let me take my time and have my space.” -Kayla

“Dirty clothes or shoes. I saw this dude that I thought was cute from across the mall, but when he got closer I saw his shoes. They were just gross. Ugh, I swear he smelled weird. Then I wished he never came over and I had to act like I thought he was someone else.” -Cynthia

binäre option comdirect What we learned: Obnoxious or rude behavior can quickly turn a ‘yes’ into a ‘no. Be yourself and be considerate of the other person. Good hygiene and grooming never hurt, either. The second someone thinks “ugh” your chances are pretty much over, so make sure you look polished and feel fresh when talking to your crush.


Pet names…cute or nauseating? binäre optionen vorteile He said:

“Pet names are great. They’re easy because you don’t have to remember everyone’s name all the time; as long as you don’t get your ‘sugar bears’ mixed up, then you’re fine…”

(No we meant how do you feel about being called pet names by your GF)

“…Oh. Well that’s just gross.” -Riley

“They’re okay as long as it’s just when we’re together. There is a time and a place. Like don’t ever do it in front of my guy friends.” -Evan

ikili opsiyon yatırım nedir She said:

“No thank you. Please don’t. I’d rather not. My actual name will do just fine.” -Alexis

“I like it. But I want my own name. I don’t like being called ‘baby’ if you call everyone that and I don’t want the same nicknames as your ex either.” -Carlyn

الخيارات الثنائية الغوريلا What we learned: We were kind of surprised, because a lot of people said they don’t like pet names, but everyone’s been somewhere and heard someone refer to his obvious girlfriend as “bae.” But for the most part, we say a nickname can be cool and cute, if it’s some sort of variation on the person’s name, has some sort of special meaning that is unique to them or stems from something you experienced together. Anything embarrassing or generic is generally a no-go. Bottom line, just ask your SO and he/she will tell you what he/she is comfortable with.


Someone is crushing on you. But you haven’t noticed yet…what should he or she do to get your attention?

opcje binarne program He said:

“Just let me know directly. Hit me up on Facebook or text or whatever.” -Mike

http www topoption com She said:

“You could just send me a note or a message or something. Just whatever you do, say it. If I don’t respond, then let it go.” -Sarah منتدى مراجعة الخيارات الثنائية What we learned: It seems people want straightforward honesty, but are they willing to give that back in return? We’re not so sure. Being straightforward is also a lot harder than it sounds. We know possible rejection can feel like facing a bullet and a firing squad.

The good news is that even if you do get shot down (pun definitely intended), you usually live to see another day. Honesty might really be worth a try; if your crush ends up embarrassing you publicly, he is a jerk and you pretty much dodged a bullet not being with him anyway.


What’s the one thing you wish the other sex knew?

  besser wie anyoption He said:

“…Oh does that mean they don’t read minds? I feel like girls expect me to read theirs. If they like you, I wish they would just say ‘I like you too’ or whatever. Instead I have to guess.” – Malik

“I wish girls knew that being overly loud is not a good thing. My ex used to show off in front of her friends really loud all the time, and I always wish she knew when to stop.” -Jason

forex açık piyasa She said:

“I wish my boyfriend knew when to joke and when to be serious. It’s okay to be goofy sometimes, but he plays too much.” -Alyah

“I wish guys would just be honest, instead of telling me what I want to hear.” -Nicole

“He should know that random gifts when you don’t expect it are the best…even if it’s like a piece of pie or something.” -Rachel

köp Viagra 100 mg visum What we learned: Basically, you can say what’s on your mind or keep being irritated by the little things. Nobody knows what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling. If you want her to know you like her, say it. If you don’t like the way he does something, he won’t ever change if you don’t say anything. How can the other sex know if you never tell them?

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