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beställ Sildenafil Citrate postförskott Single in HS

Adriana Ruiz

media mobile nelle opzioni binarie 3/9/2016 binäre optionen chart tool Based on the title you may assume that I’m totally gross and have a third arm, or you might assume that I’m about to rant about how lonely I am and how all I really, really want is a boyfriend of my own. I hate to disappoint, but you’d be wrong on both counts. (I can assure you that I have all the correct body parts, for the record). I’m just guessing other people out there are like me; you’re in high school, and whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, you are significant other-less and always have been.

opzioni binarie automatizzato com I suppose this situation makes some people super depressed, but to me being single ain’t that bad. No anniversaries to worry about, no dating drama (or cheating drama) and no one going around referring to you as “boo bear” (yuck, I hate pet names). OK, I admit a lot of people love PDA, but seriously, I’ve learned some helpful stuff while being single.

أربح المال من تدوين المدونات Being single throughout high school has made me like one of those daytime talk shows hosts that knows what’s going to happen before it does, because I’ve seen it all and learned from it; I’m an observer of all things love and relationships. I am the one who listens while you go on endlessly about your date with so-and-so last weekend and later about how you caught him talking to someone else. I am the person who sees you slug around in sweat pants as you grieve the end of your three-week relationship with “the one.” I am the person who helps you decode his text messages down to the last character.

chiusura anticipata opzioni binarie Yep, I’ve seen it all and I’ve been through it all, and through it all, I’ve learned many, many things that I’m here to share with you. Though every rule has exceptions and any statistic I suggest can probably be proven wrong, it’s what I’ve learned, so just go with it.

opzioni binarie con previsioni automatiche Firstly, 90 percent of the time, singleness is your own fault. Yes, I’m talking to you, guy-who’s-too-busy-to-date and girl-who-says-guys-are-all-jerks… (insert list of a hundred other reasons here). There are excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses, but the crazy part is, people think these excuses and rejections are real or some form of egotism, and that you’re some mean-girl witch, because you can’t seem to go out with that perfectly decent guy.

Tastylia (Tadalafil) Order 20 MG Now I must point out, to avoid all hypocrisy, that I am the queen of all this. But truthfully, the excuses derive from nothing of that sort. Do you want to know the real reason? They’re scared. I’m scared. We’re scared of feeling vulnerable, of putting our feelings out in the middle of the street to get them run over by a truck (that possibly backs ups and runs them over again, then video tapes it and puts it on YouTube). We’re afraid of wanting something that we can’t have, of being disappointed and worst of all, of having it all go down in public.

köpa generisk Viagra i sverige If you’re honest (like really honest) you know people have made offers, expressed interest and have taken chances on you, and you’ve said she wasn’t good looking enough or he didn’t have a car or they (fill in random excuses here). You can complain and moan about being single, but nothing will change unless you build a bridge over your fears about being single and take a chance on someone.

As I learned from Anne Hathaway in “The Princess Diaries” (don’t judge me), courage is not to the absence of fear, but the decision that something is greater than the fear, which is important because I’ve also learned that fear is one of the greatest enemies in love and relationships. It gets in the way of a potentially great thing, so you’ve got to decide that love is greater than fear.

Through my single years, I’ve also learned that once you’ve been officially snatched up and you’ve gotten a taste, THERE IS NO GOING BACK. I’ve witnessed it happen with countless friends in their first relationships. When that relationship comes to the all mighty end, nothing is ever the same again; they all undergo this identical change.

It’s a soul crushing blow. They start to picture death for a while and wonder if happiness will ever return. They then start to wonder when exactly happiness is going to happen again. It’s a beautiful example of humanity’s ability to rebound. So if you’re sick and tired of the irritating thoughts of “WHY AM I SINGLE?!!?” that just float around in your brain, I guess you can consider yourself lucky because the way I see it, the “I NEED TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP! THIS REMINDS ME OF HER… I MISS HIM… REMEMBER WHEN WE USED TO…” thoughts are just so much more depressing. So take my advice, if you’re not ready to dive in those waters, don’t. Seriously. I’ve had one too many friends let that one person out of the friend zone… four months after the breakup…

Now for the positive: I’ve learned that I don’t need a guy to be happy, for now. I’m not planning on being a forty-year-old virgin or a hermit. Sure, sometimes I’m lonely, or wish I was assured a date to this or that, but this is not an excuse. I mean it. Life really offers so much more to be happy about. I guess my main point is that by being single, I learned that I get to focus on myself. I get to grow to be the kind of person I want to be without having to think of someone else. I can mold myself into whatever I think might make me a happy, satisfied individual.

So fear not, my fellow singles, because if being single in high school taught me anything, it’s that life exists after it.

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