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In the Dark, You’re Alone

CHCH Elijah DeJesus


You’re born a light. A light that shines brightly and represents all that is good. You see the innocence in the world and express it to all those who live in it. Some don’t understand you; Some cannot comprehend your views. You confuse them. They have lived in the world much longer than you have and their spirits have already been corrupted by the darkness that lurks around.

But you’re a light. You continue to glow and remain unaffected by the evil shadows that roam during the night. The shadows that slowly reach all other lights and eventually take away their shine. They have not gotten to you yet. You have yet to meet the one light who you allow to decide wether you keep yours, or you let it fall through your fingers.

The time comes and you meet them. That one bright soul that stands out amongst all the others and instantly captures your attention. The meeting is civil, just like the ones before, but as time continues to pass, that soul moves closer and closer to your heart. Their light is just as bright as yours, if not brighter.

Suddenly the simplest things they do put a smile on your face. In your eyes, they are perfect. From the way their eyes twinkle, to the way their smile beams. You never see it coming, but that unique soul takes you on a journey of emotions and memories that makes you never want to let them go.

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The sad day you hoped would never come finally catches up to you. Its nothing but a dark day without a single good thing about it. Tears run down your burning cheeks and your voices, that once spoke so sweetly to each other, now roar with pain and vibrate through the cool air. You search their glossy eyes for that twinkle you grew to know and love, but all you see is suffering.

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You feel the guilt and shame crash down upon you and as you take one last look into their broken eyes, you physically feel your heart break. You didn’t mean for this to happen. It happened on its own and now you must pay for it.

You lose that bright soul.

And what’s worse? The last thing you see in them, is their once beautiful light dimming…

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It’s a curse

that controls.

You’re now damaged, taking a blow that not only strikes you physically, but also mentally. All you can remember is when you looked into their eyes, you found all that you feared. You never knew what true pain felt like, until you saw those suffering eyes.

Your once positive thoughts mutate into negative ones that scream so loud in your head, it is impossible to hear anything else. The shadows are getting to you. They smile as they watch your glowing light crack in more than one place. They whisper things in your ears that make you want to scream, but they remind you that you wouldn’t be heard anyway.

“It’s your fault!”                   “You did this!”                      “Give up!”

                “Just do it!”                         “No one cares anyway!”

“DO IT!!”

You run. Run from the pain and suffering as you fight to keep your light intact. Your heart is pounding in your chest and you push yourself to keep going. You look back and are worried as you see the shadows gaining. You cannot go down. You keep running towards the light and you slightly smile as it feels like you’re almost there, but when you look back again, the shadows have caught up to you, and you fall.

The darkness grips on tight to you and you feel like you can’t breath. You struggle and beg for release, but instead, it laughs in your face and squeezes tighter. You feel yourself getting weaker and weaker as your light continues to fade. It frightens you when you realize, you’re not going anywhere.

It consumes.

Not consumes

like a hole,

just consumes

as it stole

your pure light.

It consumes

and destroys.

You’re lost. It’s dark and its cold as you desperately search for a way out. The void is endless as you call out for help. You shout, hoping someone will hear you and come back. But you hopelessly stand there when your echo doesn’t even return. Your light is going out and no one is noticing. Your will to fight is rapidly decreasing and you see yourself falling, falling as your light finally burns out.

In the dark.

Just the dark

with no light

and the dark

with no life.

No one’s there.

In the dark,

you’re alone.

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