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Life Hack: Working Out If You Hate Exercise

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Cynthia Garcia


I should get up and work… but maybe I shouldn’t… Ok, if I turn on the TV and there’s a reality show on, then that’ll be a sign I should wait until tomorrow…”

Working out, losing weight, or being in all-around better shape tops most people’s list of New Year’s resolutions, but also can be the first resolution to be dropped. Why? Because many start with the best intentions, but the problem is many fail because they flat out hate exercising.

It’s hard, uncomfortable and often boring, you also get really sweaty and the people at the gym are annoying and who has time for that anyway? So every time you start to workout, something (you’re not even sure what) stops you in your tracks. But then you wonder about those people who work out ALL the time. What’s their secret? Are they secretly robots or mutants? Do they have something I don’t?

Few people are born with a real love of the gym. Here are main difference for those who like working out (or at least are able to get themselves to do it) and those who don’t. With these 10 simple strategies: The do’s and don’ts of working out… when you don’t like working out.

Priligy prescription from s online DO KNOW YOURSELF AND WHAT IS LIKEY TO BORE YOU

While some hate the gym others find activities such as bike rides and walks boring. Knowing what you find to be least boring might help you actually stick with exercise. If you have access to a treadmill but hate being on it, try to listen to music, reading or watching a movie on your phone while you’re on it and see if the time doesn’t fly by.

opzioni binarie sede italia DON’T GO TO THE GYM IF YOU HATE IT

If you find the gym to be a horrible, soul draining experience, you don’t have to go there, find an activity that you enjoy; take a dance class, take up surfing, yoga or even get exercise games for your Wii. Machines offer great workouts, but can get old pretty fast. For some people it’s easier to exercise if there’s a purpose to it. Running on the treadmill may not be your thing but maybe running to the store for bread is. If you’re meeting friends for a movie, maybe try walking there… or instead challenge them to a game of volleyball at the beach!

köpa Sildenafil Citrate lagligt i sverige DO MAKE BIG PLANS

Losing weight is a common goal, but can be discoursing as you go along. Try coming up with something you really want to do, like a marathon, road race or even just the goal to be able to make it a certain distance (remember the bicyclists who raced to Long Beach during carmageddon?)

“Few people are born with a real love of the gym. If you find the gym to be horrible, soul draining experience, you don’t have to go there, find an activity that you enjoy”.

köpa Sildenafil Citrate apoteket DON’T DO TOO MUCH TOO SOON

Going from total couch potato to 2 hour a day a day seven days a week at the gym is bound to cause burn out… fast. Start a little at a time as you work the new routine into your life.


There’s no reason you have to join a gym to exercise. Try more affordable options such as the YMCA, community centers, or even check and see if your school gym hosts any after-school workout hours. Other free resources include simply walking or running or free workout classes on the internet. You can try “no equipment” workouts which focus on using your own body or household items. All you need is a good pair of shoes for a simple workout.äre-optionen finanztest binäre optionen DO DITCH THE SCALE

Healthy weight loss is an up and down, slow (1-2 pounds per week) process, the reality of which can be discouraging and leave you screaming “But I’ve been sweating and eating lettuce all week for a pound!” once you start exercising it can take up to 12 weeks for your body to really react. In the meantime the scale may not reflect how hard you’ve been working. Instead use measurements or body fat to track your progress. You could also forget about weight loss altogether and focus on how you feel instead of how you look.


Mix it up- Try different types of workout activities to keep it interesting and to keep your muscles working hard.

bästa viagra för kvinnor DO SPLIT YOUR WORKOUTS TO MAKE TIME

If you can’t find a full 30 minutes during your day, break it up into 10 or 15 minutes segments. Split workouts are just as effective as continuous workouts.

  valutahandel kursus DON’T LET YOURSELF OFF THE HOOK

If you get the urge to quit, don’t let yourself quit. Motivation isn’t something you wait for to happen. It’s something you create. Simply by doing your action can get you going

binäre option steuer DO GET GROUP ENCOURAGEMENT

There is definitely strength in numbers. Try a class or start a walking or biking club. Being part of a group can help encourage you when you don’t feel like it as well as make your exercise social.

Edited by Justin Garcia

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