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From No. 1 to Not Even: NBA Draft Picks Then & Now

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Ramez Moussa

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forex advisor opzioni binarie With the first pick in the NBA Draft…” Hearing your name after those words means the pressure is on.

أفضل الطرق لربح المال من المنزل Being the first pick in the NBA draft pick is one of the biggest honors an NBA prospect can receive. These prospects join a respected list that boasts hall of famers and legends alike. However, with high potential come high expectations. There are those that bloom and those that bust after the draft, and these past ten years have seen all kinds of first round picks.

usd sek forex Since 2005, four No. 1 picks received the Rookie of the Year Award and six have been invited to at least one All-Star game. There are a variety of factors for players “underachieving,” or not meeting their expected potential, the least of which including debilitating injuries or insufficient preparation for the big leagues.

opcje binarne od czego zacząć Siaf Khattak is the co-founder of Allegiance Management Services, an agency that specializes on representing professional athletes all around the world.

forex binary options system kraken reviews “In the NBA, they draft off potential. When you take a freshman out of college, they may not be as poised,” said Siaf Khattak about why some first round picks don’t live up to expectations, “A lot of times, the freshman is like 18 or 19 years old. They draft them on potential for what they can be in five years, not so much what they are now.”

dimostrazione trading opzioni binarie Andrea Bargnani, Greg Oden and Anthony Bennett are all players who “underachieved” in this regard, while players such as Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin and Kyrie Irving have all proven themselves to be perennial stars.

binäre optionen für dummies There has also been an increasing amount of international players taking the top spot. Since the beginning of the draft, there have been nine international first round picks. Five of these players- Andrew Bogut, Bargnani, Anthony Bennett, Andrew Wiggins, and the 2015 draftee Karl-Anthony Towns- have all been drafted internationally in the last ten years and have played for their respective countries.

“The game’s expanding so much. A lot of it has to do with different media outlets,” Khattak said, “Being able to watch the game on the computer. Due to the growth of media, growth of the game and growth of coverage.”

Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins, both Canadian, were drafted first overall in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

So when did Canadians start getting so good? Jordan MacFarlane, 17U coach for CanadaElite, affirms that it was the exposure, not the lack of talent that was missing.

“The mentors got smarter. We figured out a way to give kids some more exposure.” Macfarlane said, “The talent was always here. It’s figuring out how to expose them.”

Unfortunately, even the careers with the highest potential can be ended with one word – injury.

An injury can be very damaging to an athlete’s legacy, sometimes even career-ending. 2007 first round pick Greg Oden has only played in the league for a combined three years, and Derrick Rose almost had a career-ending knee injury the year after he won his MVP award. However, there are also strong recoveries. Like Oden, Blake Griffin had to miss his first year due to an injury during the summer league. However, he recovered the year after and has since become an arguably key factor in the Los Angeles Clippers’ recent success.

In the last ten years, Andrew Bogut is the only first round draft pick to have succeeded in achieving every NBA player’s dream: a championship ring. For many of these players, they have not yet hit their prime and it seems like it is only a matter of time before they get their chance.

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