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Buy Tastylia Online No Prescription Needed I hurry up the steps

of the play place

as the sand that surrounds

turns to lava under my feet

and I escape in the nick of time.


The steps I climb vanish

beneath me to become

the grated metal floor

of a ship lost in space and

I giggle madly at the danger.


I run to the slide

(a working escape hatch)

and slide into the

deepest reaches of darkness,

floating around in wonder.


In the sand I dig a hole

wide and deep and

I dig deeper and deeper

in hopes of digging straight

to the center of the earth.


I dig until I reach the bottom.

This is where to find ‘Indian clay,’

the soft wet dirt under the sand,

the secret currency of the playground,

traded for pebbles in black markets.


The grassy field,

a plain field no more,

now a grand battle field

full of great beasts and the

ring of clashing swords.


My friends and I yell

and charge, imaginary blades

sharpened to deadly points,

find their mark in the hides

of imaginary monsters.


The Yard Guard Adults

watch over all goings-on

with a keen eye and hanging

whistle at the ready for

any kid caught misbehaving.


Ah! Adults! Run from their

keen eyes and loud whistle!

Wretched authority!

The police of the playground!

The killers of fun and play!


The bell rings marking the

end of the great war, we

pack up our weapons,

pirate swords, and space suits

and trudge back to class.


Thoughts of recess adventures

never leave the mind and

we daydream throughout

English, Math, and History

waiting till that bell rings again.

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