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Review: Like Air, The Art and Tribulation of Dance

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Brianne Alphonso

where can i buy Revia in Lubbock Texas 11/30/2015

miglior sito trading online azioni binatie From Amalgamation Pictures, a new documentary has been released following three high school dancers working their way to Nationals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Like Air resonates with both the tension and the excitement of competitive dance from both a professional and personal perspective.  Each girl—Kayla (17), Alyssa (15), and Montserrat (15)—takes the time to share her journey to competition from practices, through injuries, past qualifiers and all the way to the edge of the stage, giving testimonies of what it feels like to fight as a dancer amid hundreds of other girls. Produced by Jacob Patrick and directed by Jake Viramontez, Like Air is most certainly worth a look for lovers of documentaries or any interested in the world of dance.

tastylia These days, when someone mentions a show or movie about young women dancing around for the sake of trophies, it would not be strange to think immediately of loud-mouthed mothers and crying prepubescents. After all, when you cut out all the glitzy drama of reality TV what is left but time killing fillers? With 100 percent certainty, Like Air does not follow in the footsteps of those popular television, for more reasons than just its length. Though the movie does contain a hint of sparkling crowns, over-sized statues, and an obsession with winning first place, for the most part, the focus remains on dance itself, and not the catty relationships surrounding dancers.

The Fighter Promo libri per iniziare a fare trading Montserrat Roberts, 15

binary option brokers with free demo account Non-dancers should certainly not be scared away at the prospect of watching such a niche documentary. A lot of the fun of the movie comes from the culture shock of seeing what these girls can (and will) do. Even clips showing simple warm-ups or practices can leave less trained viewers staring in fascination for the first time learning that, yes, the human body can indeed bend that way, and no the video has not been altered to give that girl slow motion effects. There is something to be admired in the way these girls fight to improve themselves, and just seeing a finished performance does not give the same effect as watching the step by step build-up of a perfected routine.

köp Viagra Norrköping (Kungsängen) The sympathetic connection Like Air gives to the girls is unreal, and if you are not rooting for at least one of the three as they go along, then I would recommend buying a puppy to help warm your frozen heart. It absolutely defies logic how far people are willing to go for dance, but then again, the purpose of this film is to show how dance is more than a mere hobby.

opcje binarne minimalny depozyt It’s an art.

Tears are shed, smiles are cracked and victories are won and lost as dancers split their focus between enjoyment, technique and the pursuit of an artistic style. However, the blend of well-timed emotional music, touching words, and personal shots helps those watching understand the feeling of pride that makes competition worth it for those struggling through dance.

Like Air, though it has some rough moments, is a heartfelt documentary delivering a strong message. As Kathyrn McCormick—female lead in Step Up Revolution and featured speaker in Like Air—puts it, the dance community is stuck in a place where over-competitiveness brings dancers to beat each other down, but by refocusing on the art itself and the reasons why people dance in the first place everyone can help drive each other to new heights. If anyone with a particular interest in dance has some time, I would definitely recommend this movie.


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