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Skip the Degree: Is College Really for You?

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binary option 60 second demo So college is no longer an option. Now what?

autopzionibinarie esempi There are quite a few options that can be taken after high school that can put you in a similar, or even better, position than those who opted to continue to post-secondary education.

live currency exchange rates Apprenticeships, at one time, were the only way for young people to get a foot in the door into their careers.

opcje binarne symulator There are many jobs in the trade that will not only offer valuable experience, but guidance towards advancement by offering background knowledge of the trade before the certifications and licenses have been achieved.

Why should supermarkets stock fair trade For example, one high school graduate worked for a pool construction company for several years, learning every aspect of the business before earning her swimming pool contractor’s license and starting her own business.

“Many college grads are starting to see that pursuing a degree without thinking about their future will have costly consequences. They are now opting for smaller commitments.”

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Not all degrees or majors are created equal, and an Associate’s Degree or two-year certification in a competitive job field could be the path to a promising career. Students looking to hone specific skills should look into free or low-cost certifications in careers they are interested in pursuing.

These certifications can be found online, at community colleges or through government-funded programs. Many certifications can be earned in under a year, often have flexible schedules and can offer job searching assistance.

Auto mechanics, chefs, HVAC techs, electricians, make up artists, and hair stylists all make higher wages than those without vocational training, and at times, earn more than college grads. Being in school for a shorter time also has the added bonus of incurring less debt.

Sometimes moving up the ladder is more beneficial than jumping to the top.

Nothing helps more with the transition to adulthood than holding down a full-time job. It’s important to find jobs that offer career opportunities as opposed to ones that hire teens for part-time work. Many beginner jobs can be turned into careers by paying attention to key words such as benefits, potential raises and promotion opportunities. These kind of jobs are the “get your foot in the door” kind of jobs where only the ones who earn the promotions and high raises get it.

For example, in the restaurant industry, college degrees aren’t needed to get into culinary school. Some of the greatest chefs started out as busboys until their job paid for culinary school, such as critically-acclaimed chef Bobby Flay.

A job at a beauty salon may start with sweeping hair, but many salons offer on-the-job training, or tuition to attend trade school to become a stylist.

Respect and interest for the product, service and culture of the company will also help in solidifying a position at the company.

For example, the person who chose to work for AT&T in the mailroom because he knew it would be a foot in the door was rewarded, years later when he, still with just a high school education, became a highly valued member of the company’s corporate technology staff.

While gaining life experience and finding a potential career interest, volunteering for a global organization or a non-profit organization can also look great on a resume.

Volunteering offers the opportunity for real work. Even though it’s unpaid, you’ll be able to offer valid explanations to future employers about how you overcame cultural differences and obstacles in other countries as well as in specific business situations.

“If finding work is hard, how about creating work?”


There are many businesses a student can start, particularly with the internet. Regardless of whether or not the business succeeds or fails, there are many lessons that can be learned while operating one.

Learning how to come up with ideas that will be accepted by other people, how to build, execute and sell an idea, and the social skills obtained by needed to connect with like-minded people are only some of advantages of starting a business. While the people you meet might not all be the same age, that’s life as an adult.


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