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Techaholics: Growing Up Plugged In

Max Anderson

binäre optionen code 10/23/2015

online beleggen binaire opties From professional development to social activism, millennials are using technology to their advantage to revolutionize their world.

il sole 24 ore opzioni binarie Millennials are one of the most inter-connected generation the world has ever seen. A 2012 study by the Pew Research Center determined that 78 percent of teens own a cellphone. Through this constant communication with the world, millennials have developed a unique global consciousness and connectivity. The possibilities created by new technology are almost limitless.

steuern binäre optionen According to high school teacher Mitzi Perry, student use of technology has exploded over the past decade. A 20-year educating veteran, Perry has seen this change first-hand. binaire opties spel “As students, these young people have research skills that are enhanced, and yet superficial,” she said.

مؤشر إشارة خيار ثنائي Emerging communications technology does appear to have its drawbacks as well, however.

För Viagra 25 mg utan recept “The most concerning aspect with technology is the quasi addiction to the internet. The need to be in constant contact, to follow, ‘troll’ and be a voyeur to other people’s lives.”

fincar buy online without rx Although this emerging technology presents its own set of challenges for classroom management, new technology has also opened a number of doors in terms of student capabilities. Not only can students now complete research in a fraction of the time, but this technology is also making new curricular options available to students at an incredible rate. In 2011, Alberta Post-Secondary institutions began recognizing high-school computer science courses as a major admission subject. This expanded scientific curriculum in turn propels future technological advancement to even greater heights, as the workforce is being flooded with previously unseen talent.

The sudden technological explosion has also created entirely new possibilities in other areas as well. This new era of tech has greatly aided areas of humanitarian work. Nabeel Jaffer and a team of millennials started the Manavta Project as a humanitarian initiative in rural Nepal

“Believe it or not, organizations like us rely on social media in a huge way – it allows a few of us from Canada, the United States, Nepal, and Portugal to connect with partners and supporters on every inhabited continent,” Nabeel says.

The Manavta Project does most of its campaigning work online, and through the use of their web interface, has gathered widespread support. In fact, a large chunk of this service’s volunteers consist of high school students looking to make a difference in the world.

These youth represent a new era of technological advancement, and this technology has revolutionized their day-to-day life. As Perry put it, “Technology has changed how young people communicate and how they are able to see the world around them”.

Millennials continually prove to be a uniquely novel generation. Because they’ve grown with this sudden surge in technology, millennials have been able to quickly adapt to their ever-changing world.


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