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Two Faces

autobinari treding CHCH Brianne Alphonso

trader opzioni binarie gratis Once, so long ago that I can now scarce remember, there was order in the land, and we were together. One in front of another, we would each line up with our kings before us and our numbers behind. We were at peace then in our enclosed land, packed so close that our boarders touched to form one entity, one pack.

iq option 25 bonus From birth we four sisters possessed our own identities, and though we were the same, we had our own passions, and that suited each of us just fine. Our oldest worshiped her wealth. No matter which side she faced, she could always be spotted adorned and glistening with the luster of our finest gems. Regality, she would often lecture us as children waggling a diamond bejeweled finger in front of our noses, can only measured by the amount of dazzles your gown gives off in the sunlight. She could go on for hours more before she inevitably realized we were not listening to her sparkling speech. We never did, but she did not mind.

codice bonus100 * iq option Our youngest sister much preferred life’s simpler pleasures to rubies and propriety. Through fields and meadows she would skip tirelessly, searching out the choicest flower and relying on her inherent luck to keep her people afloat. We would always laugh and poke gentle fun at her saying that her wit was about a sharp as a club and how fortunate she was to find a husband about as blunt as she was. She would always blankly stare at us, puzzled as to whether she was being complimented or insulted before deciding not to care and just continue on her merry way.

forex mini The remaining two of us, my sister and I, were twins. Though mutual in our affections, our action and disposition polarized us. She took pleasure in novels of romance and games, while I spent my time studying battles and maps. With nimble digits she played with injured doves to pass time in which I earned my calluses on hunts and expeditions. I surrounded myself with victorious deaths whereas she remained inside cocooned in her fantasies of love. My pride and her care flourished in symmetry with one another. We were mirrors, and I swore to protect her, my delicate heart. Back then I really did believe with all my might that I could be strong enough for the both of us

broker opciones binarias con cuenta demo Divinity’s merciless hand descended one day. It taught chaos and disorder to us who knew no greater strife than paper cuts. The boundaries which once governed us disappeared, and without it our castles collapsed fluttering to the ground, our numbers shuffled, husbands lost, sisters reunited just to be pulled apart again and again. No bridge could fix the divide that came between us. And then it began.

Tastylia Supplier Blinded by disoriented confusion we kept our faces to the ground, and we who were once united were cut in half. I fought against unseen binds writhing in place to regain control, but I was lost and plunged into the second crowd among unfamiliar figures.  I just barely caught passing glimpses of my own people equally scattered around by chance before my view was blocked once again by another’s patterned back. As the bustling finally settled down, those of us remaining began to reinstate order, swaying back and forth, craning necks and shifting shoulders in order to reorient ourselves. Though I knew them by creed only, I drew comfort from the soldiers standing once again at my back. I did not, however, appreciate the impudent lot who dared stand in front of me. I could not discern their rank, but I held no doubt that their rightful place was under my feet.

binäre optionen mit wirtschaftskalender It took some time before I realized that something felt off. I was familiar with court, familiar with diplomacy, familiar with battle, but this situation I could only describe as peculiar. I shivered, neither fearful nor curious, peeking around to understand the strange current in the air. Unrest bubbled through the ranks, and one by one the soldiers in front of me disappeared. Then I was next. I did not know what had awaited me but I hardly cared. I had faced fearsome men, grotesque beasts and boundless corruption numerous times before. What challenge could even hope to daunt me—huntress, warrior, and queen—at this point?

How to make 0 a day trading binary options indicator After so long in the darkness, I lifted my eyes to the sky and took in the beauty of the open horizon. It was a beautiful, terrible, freeing sight. All around stretched a dead expanse of untextured earth, empty heavens and discarded weapons lying abandoned in various states of disrepair. Instantly I understood the purpose of this place, so where were the soldiers? My enemies? Anyone? I had hoped for enlightenment after escaping that silence space, perhaps the relief of battle or the chance to see a recognized face. But I was alone. No, almost alone!

Overlooked at first, one other stood with me on that empty field, eyes flicking around in disoriented fear. So young and small, the figure stood facing me on that field with trembling limbs taking in that which I had already processed. I remembered him! Often I used to see his small form dashing around my own castle sending messages and chatting with his fellow Twos. He had been such an endearing child. My eyes began to mist with tears as ever so gently I approached him, drawing my sword. His realization dawned mere seconds after my motion, what a quick wit that small boy had. This field we were place on was a battlefield. We were on a battlefield. Opposite sides of a battlefield. I am Queen, a warrior, a symbol of death, and he didn’t even have time to draw his own dagger. I slaughtered the tiny figure bearing my own crest without mercy, giving no apology other than the single tear that streamed over my cheek.  I do not know why I did it, but like the soldiers who came beofre me, I had raised my weapon and fought an opponent chosen by chance. To the victor went the spoils.

That was my first battle, but it was certainly not my last. Day in and day out, the cycle repeated. I lost under the weight of tactless battles, finding no joy in that which I had once adorded. I slept, I ate, and then I would be thrust onto the purgatory of that field, always alone except for enemy I was to face. Some battles were easier than others as I came face to face with strangers seasoned from their own time on the front lines. Other battles were more difficult, the ones against the children who could never hope to match my force, the ones against those who were once my own, the battles I lost to my own husband or his brothers. Many times it was I who, battered and broken, was dragged through the dirt to the other end of the field as a prize, just as I did to my own opponents time and time again. It was nothing less than I deserved.

I quickly grew accustomed to the soulless violence, but still the nightmares of consciousness invaded my time asleep. Each battle lost left me shivering with a cold fear that I never experienced before, back when things were simple and we were all together. Who is gone today? Which friend will I face the next time I take to the field? Whose shredded form will I steal away from their own pack? I did not want to know, and so I tried to sleep and pretended there were such things as dreams.

Finally, here I am now. My castle has crumbled and all but four of my numbers stand defeated on the other side of this cursed field. The end is near for me, I know. Win or lose, finally this game will come to its conclusion. I wish I could say I looked forward to the inevitable peace, but I cannot. Death and pain has been my companions since birth, but endless battles have made them an irrevocable part of me, this field it my domain—a place I understand, a place in which I both thrive and burn. My pride cries in pain at the threat of loss, my soul begs for rest, and it is my turn to fight again. If I lose, we are all done, but if I win, I the battles will be renewed. I do not know which I prefer.

I knew from the start that I had been dealt a cruel fate, and for the first time on the battle field I closed my eyes and laughed, sobbing to those abandoned heavens. There standing across from me on my drenched field stands my sister, my most beloved sister. Time has been kind to her, chiseling to her previously soft beauty. It is now as I stand here gazing at her gazing at me that a stray though flutters through my mind. The red that has always graced her frame is not just the color of love, it is also the color of blood and fire. Oh, my darling sister, we really are twins, aren’t we. She kindly sends me a smile of heartbreak and sorrow, knowing she brings me the terrible gift of relief. Let’s play, she whispers.

I have always been powerless against my lovely sister and her games. We sit together hand in hand and whisper as the faces of the last of my numbers are flipped. I don’t care to watch the result because we are together again.

W-A-R. War.

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