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Witness a Legend: Beowulf Premiers on Esquire Network

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Brianne Alphonso

iq opt 1/22/2016

binära optioner tips flashback Coming up this Saturday at 10 PM, the Esquire Network is premiering its new, 13 episode series with a title most people would be familiar with, Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.  Roughly based off of the Old English epic poem by an unnamed Anglo-Saxon poet, this show will be following the downtrodden hero Beowulf though his various quests and brutal fights in the fantastical world of the Shieldlands. Here beasts of legends exist alongside, though not in peace with, human tribes, and the friction between them guarantees action for every hour long episode that airs. In many ways Beowulf appears similar to Game of Thrones though not quite as explicit in gore or mature situations. The excitement of medieval sword matches and battle axes crops up along with the added twist of supernatural challenges to sweeten the deal.

opzioni binarie offerte milano This premier episode introduces the main character of Beowulf and begins to construct a backstory for the series. With the liberal use of flashbacks and suggestively hinting lines, it is pretty easy to catch on the complex character relations as well as the general direction the plot will be moving in the future. However, as a warning to those who need to read the original epic or are expecting the poem in a visual form, Esquire’s Beowulf is not a replica but a creative world in and of itself. While based off of the old, the series revives the well-known tale and reforms the image of Beowulf.  A lot of new faces and plotlines will pop up through the course of this episode, but the overall pacing works for a series of this size. binario legale trading delle opzioni in noi Kieran Bew does an excellent job in his role of Beowulf along with William Hurt playing his adoptive father, Joanne Whalley, Ed Speleers, Laura Donnelly and David Ajala. The series opens up with a pleasantly wide and diverse cast of both main and secondary characters. The decent actors on top of the exceptional costume design and rather interesting haircuts certainly build up the fantasy of the world and give the series a unique signature of its own. As for the non-human characters making their appearance, I would have to say the horses were spot-on with their trotting. The graphically inserted beast also tend to catch some attention. The detailed expressions on the faces of monsters invokes a strange sympathy that is guaranteed to develop beautifully as the episodes go on.

opcje binarne godziny Filmed in various location in England, the amazing scenery of Beowulf dazzles in every shot. Not only outdoors, but the interior sets are also constructed with such elegant detail that they challenge even the actors for attention. Village shots, horseback travelling, and even the walls of the throne room draw the eye for admiration. The effort put into setting up the scene of Shieldlands is extraordinary, and that alone is worth checking out over the course of the series.

binary option indicator review Whether a fan of Beowulf or ignorant of it entirely, the premier is your chance to get into this action-adventure series now. Otherwise you’d have to wait weeks to catch up on all the episodes online.  So if you have some free space on Saturday the 23rd at 10 PM, try tuning into Esquire to check out Beowulf: Return to the Shieldland.

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